Our Values

  • Integrity: We stand by our commitments and be truthful, honest, open, transparent and fair in all dealings. We take necessary steps to not over-commit and under-deliver.
  • Non-Bureaucratic: We respect the thoughts and values of individuals irrespective of their background and experience and foster a culture of openness and group decision-making. We respect individual ownership, authority and responsibility and shall provide suggestions to make the final decisions and shall not override their authority or decisions through backdoor or informal channels. We understand that certain decisions may backfire but we shall not criticize or blame the individuals for decisions. We shall not undertake any activity to bring individual’s respect or reputation down.We would be hard on solving the problems but soft on the people.
  • Innovative: We shall foster a culture of innovation and stay committed to research and development that promotes general welfare and convenience. We believe that true learning cannot happen without making mistakes. While we encourage people to avoid any silly mistakes, we ask them not to be afraid of making mistakes and learn valuable lessons from it. However, we encourage people not to make the same mistake more than twice.
  • Work Life Balance: We encourage a good equilibrium between personal and professional life and support our employees, associates and partners to have a good work life balance. We understand that every individual has a personal space and shall not intrude on them. We shall not judge individuals by their personality, personal, social and political views and their performance is evaluated only based on their contributions at work during their work time. However, we strongly condemn and discourage any anti-social behaviors or views brought into the work place and influencing people with the same.
  • Leadership: We believe that every individual has strengths and weaknesses. We commit and shall lead only by valuing the individuals' strengths and never by criticizing nor citing their weakness. We shall be considerate and cooperative in helping individuals to overcome their weakness and build their strengths.
  • Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider.
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