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Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider and a platform design and manufacturing house aimed at servicing customers in the areas of ASIC, Compute, Storage, Networking and Communication domains. As a team, we have over four decades of experience in developing technologies, platforms and solutions from Microprocessors to Deep Neural Networks for multiple verticals including Telecom, Defense, Healthcare, Education, Government, BFSI, IT/ITES and Manufacturing.

We specialize in indigenous designs and our current solutions are primed on Telecom, Networking and Cyber Security, Communication Standards such as 5G, WIFI 6 and IoT protocols, Industrial IoT, ASIC design and fabrication, Hardware refactoring, Application overhauling, Hi speed data acquisition and management, Computing, Storage and Caching technologies. We adapt the latest advancements in technologies to bring the best in class solutions to meet the scale, performance and flexibility requirements. We are one of the very few hardware and embedded design houses established in India focusing on indigenous designs and committed to the Make in India initiative.

Our team has a long lasting and proven track record in building solution at scale for masses over their years of experience including developing FDA approved healthcare products and led several disruptive innovations in the areas of Caching RAID storage, SoC for remote PC management, Storage Network Processor SoC, GPS Tracking amongst others. A team driven purely by technological passion is genuinely interested in supporting you with the best-in-class solutions to meet your custom requirements. We truly believe that our association would be fruitful, long-lasting and mutually rewarding. At Aheesa™, we make it happen and eagerly looking forward to working with you.

A word about Aheesa™

Aheesa™ is an inspiration taken from Saint Goswami Tulasidas’ divine work of Shri. Hanuman Chalisa, a popular devotional hymn singing the greatness of Lord Hanuman. The verse 'सनकादिक ब्रह्मादि मुनीसा, नारद, सारद सहित अहीसा॥14॥ (sanakAdika brahmAdi munIsA | nArada sArada sahita ahEEsA ||14||)' is the root for the chosen name.

ahEEsA is popularly known as 'Adhisesha' or 'Sheshnaga' the cosmic serpent, and one of immeasurable dimensions. As per Hinduism, ahEEsA is the divine primordial force and wielder of time that holds and sustains universe. We found it more appropriate to name our corporate Aheesa™, as it well-known that all operations are synchronized with universe's clock.

Aheesa™ embodies uniqueness, power and one with immeasurable dimensions and do believe that we would do the right justice to the name.

Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider.
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