Product Design

Based on our Core Team experience and expertise starting from high level Product specification --> Hardware Development/firmware --> App Development/Testing --> Manufacturing and the eco-system that we have created, our R&D team can get involved with you right from the "Define" stage to define the Product. Also if you have any existing Product which requires refactoring with contemporary components, addition of new features, elimination of old features, cost-reduction of the Product to address current market demand or future market needs, you are engaging with the right Company to create success for you. The value we are bringing is to help you to create and manufacture complete Product branded with your Company name and logo.

Recently, our team member worked with a USA customer and helped to refactor their existing hardware to meet the current needs. The solution required redesigning of a Commercial HOCl Electrolyzer System used to sanitize Vegetables, meats, poultry, floors and contact surfaces and found applications in Grocery Store chains, Cruise Ships, Restaurants etc. The System Controller was based on a Microcontroller and designed and developed 10+ years ago and hence a lot of components were obsolete, the front panel for User interface was 7-segment LCD based with push-button switches. Due to demand during pandemic, the Product Company came to us to refactor the System Controller with contemporary components, 2.8" LCD Touchscreen with contemporary icons, intuitive User Interface and programmable salt water pump speed, Electrolyzer Current, Level sensing etc and also make changes to bump up the Electrolyzer current to support higher concentration of HOCl. Also we needed to add good error sensing capability if the System behavior is not within specification. We have successfully redesigned the Hardware, the Software app and completed the development of this product.

To learn more and to have a good discussion on your design needs, please submit your design requirements through our R & D project form to have a detailed discussion on the same.

ASIC Design and Fabrication

On ASIC Design and Fabrication project we bring our long experience to design as per your requirement. Whether it is a SoC (System-on-Chip) or ASIC, we can help you in designing it, doing tape-out to a Foundry and supplying you with working Silicon tested on a platform board, designed specifically for the ASIC, with the required Firmware and S/W drivers. Since ASIC design to fabrication is a very costly affair and normally follows a long schedule based on complexity, it is very important to ensure through thorough verification that the ASIC works perfectly on the first pass itself. Our seasoned team can provide that confidence in attention to details, function/code coverage and execution Our goal is to work with you as true partners to help you address your needs. Some of the ASIC designs that we had done in the past:

  1. Controller for Remote Server Management.
  2. RAID Controller for RAID Storage application.
  3. Networked Storage Processor having multiple RISC Cores and MIPS Core for pipeline processing of iSCSI, TCPIP, FCIP packets and providing H/W acceleration handling multiple 10Gbps pipes.
  4. RISC Core based SoCs

Please reach out to us to have an in depth discussion on how we could address your design needs. Please use our R & D project form to submit a quick overview on your ASIC and design requirements.

Bespoke Development

We understand that one size doesn't fit all and many off the shelf products may not cut the bill to meet the unique business requirements. At Aheesa™, we closely work with our customers and partners to understand the requirements with clarity, develop wireframes and design applications to meet the scale and performance. Our Agile process methodology helps the customers to review the progress at regular sprints and make the necessary modifications before the final application is released for production. We believe in continuous integration and continuous deployment and by ensuring the surprises are minimized with respect to quality and timeliness of delivery. We understand that time is of the essence and we work with our customers to meet their commitments and timelines by choosing the right technologies and framework to develop and deploy the solution.

Kindly share your requirements with our R & D form to have a quick chat on how we could help you with the next bespoke application development. Tight deadlines, complex requirements and high visibility, don't worry, rest be assured that your trusted partner is at work and will make it happen for you.

Middleware Services

In this era of digital communications, organizations are looking to process information in a secure, faster and better way to analyse, understand and provide better value to their customers.

Due to the disparate nature of the systems, organizations find it hard to share and collate information from systems and applications for analysis, reporting, understanding and decision-making. Legacy and proprietary applications and systems make it hard to achieve true interoperability. Also, with the looming threat of cyber security, it is critical that information is shared in a secured and timely manner. The current manual process of exporting and collating information poses serious security threats and leads to leakage and delay in information processing. At Aheesa™, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in achieving true interoperability and support organizations by developing middleware services with streamlined automation tointerlink systems and applications in a secure manner without losing scale and performance.

If you are spending countless hours on collating and processing information from multiple systems, it is time to call Aheesa™ to have your interoperability goals achieved. Please share your requirements using our R & D form to have a discussion on your application needs.

Industrial IoT and Industrial Automation

IoT plays a major role in Factory Automation and supports with monitoring and process control. With our custom gateway solutions, we help you to aggregate sensors, instruments and devices running on varied protocols and networks to communicate with each other to meet the automation and process control goals.

Network Protocol and Stack Development

Aheesa™ Network Platform provides end-to-end packet handling from Layer 2 (L2) to Layer 7 (L7). Aheesa™’s managed network suite is a comprehensive platform for orchestration, management, and automation of network and edge computing services for large enterprises and telecom providers to centrallymanage and control their network environment and makes it easy for product companies to have a fast go on their market strategy.

By considering multiple connectivity options such as Ethernet, GPON, xDSL andnext-generation 4G/5G networks, you can build your product/solutions to meet the requirements of diverse network roll outs.

The critical challenges that most network product suppliers face are to help their customers with scaling, cost optimizations and simple management of customer premises equipment's (CPE). Aheesa™ can partner with you to create Customizable CPEs with Zero Touch Provisioning along with end-to-end manageability. With add-on analytical capabilities, OEMs and end users can collect and analyze their network data for improvement studies and network optimizations.

With Deep Packet Inspection and Vector packet processing, customers can build more intelligent devices to suit their market requirements such as Passive Network Monitoring and Network Playback for incident review, etc.

Device Management and orchestration is another important add-on for large scale implementation required by telecom and service providers. Aheesa™ develops and provides software suite for device orchestration and integration with the OSS/BSS systems.

Please reach out to us to have an in depth discussion on how we could address your design and product needs. Please use our R & D form to submit a quick overview on your project requirements.

Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider.
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