Edge Computing

With proliferation of IoTs, IIoTs and Edge Devices serving clients or applications with specific tasks, the need for edge computing in some form is ever increasing with all forms of data collection, analysis and decision to take action at the edge in near real time basis instead of waiting for response from Central Server Framework or Cloud Computing. Having some form of compute power at the edge based on the needs also helps in reducing latency in decisions and also reducing congestion on the Network and reducing overload on the Central Server farm or Cloud Servers. So Edge Computing has application in Routers, Switches, CPEs, VDI Thin Clients, IoT, IIoT, Automation, Intrusion detection, Security threat detection and stopping, Sensor based data collection, analysis and action in Agricultural or Industrial sectors, GPS enabled Goods / Freight / Ambulance / Patient tracking and management.

In Aheesa™, we find that in all the Products or applications in different sectors, there is a good similarity in the core H/W design. This led us to develop a Base H/W platform which can be scaled/customized specific to the application and meet the end-price goal of the Product. This also includes Software tools and drivers for quick porting and quick development of app for the specific use of the Product along with Central Dashboard hosted in Cloud or Data Center for Management by Service/Field Engineers SmartPhone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop. This enables us to help our customers to provide an accelerated schedule of creating the end-product and introducing in the market providing time to market advantage.

To know more about our base hardware platform and to adopt the same for your end-customer product, please share the details in our R & D form. We look forward to supporting you on your solution journey.

Parental Control

Whether you are looking at bandwidth throttling by segments or implementing parental controls, look no where, we are here to support you with the needs.

Network Analyzer and Deep Packet Inspection

Would you like to Analyze and Categorize traffic by Protocol, Applications, subnets or by system, our Network Analyzer with DPI solution could help with the same. Please give us a call to know more in detail.

Universal Network Visualizer

Our universal network visualizer helps you to centrally manage all your network devices deployed across the center and branch locations through a simple graphical user interface.

Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider.
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