Sridharan Mani
Shri. Sridharan Mani (Founder) is a MBA graduate from prestigious Emory University, USA has around 25+ years of IT senior leadership experience in innovating and launching new products and solutions, building businesses, handling aggressive corporate and client leadership roles. He led American Megatrends India (AMI) as Director and CEO for 11+ years before joining Amazon. AMI is a global leader in BIOS, UEFI, BMC firmware and remote management tools, booting around 1/2 a billion computers across the world everyday. Under his leadership the flagship BIOS, BMC and Embedded services grew at an accelerated phase and was part of the team that led the successful spin-off of these divisions to HGGC, a leading middle-market private equity firm based in Palo Alto, California. At AMI, he also started healthcare, GPS, IoT and cloud divisions and successfully launched B.O.L.T (Healthcare) and Falcon-i (GPS tracking) solutions in the market. As part of “Make in India” initiatives his team developed IoT enabled Healthcare devices and solutions which, successfully met all regulatory requirements and got USA FDA approval for launching the product in USA. His “Team Danvantri” competed as part of prestigious Qualcomm Tricoder XPrize and was crowned as one among Top 5 finalists and only one from India in the competition amongst 370+ applications across the globe.
Before leading AMI, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Business Oriented Software Solutions (BOSS), a Georgia, USA based incorporation. He served BOSS for over 10+ years and established Business Solutions group and developed products and solutions for Telecom, Systems Management and Service Desk automation and served over 500+ customers during his tenure. Before founding Aheesa™, Sridharan was with Amazon where he led a team of professionals in building an ed-tech platform (Amazon Academy) for supporting students to prepare for competitive exams such as IIT JEE and NEET.
Sridharan's accomplishments includes having 2 patents granted and multiple patents pending in fields of Healthcare, IoT and GPS tracking. Hands on developer, he loves to code, read, write, travel and listen to music. To his credit two of his spiritual books written in Tamil are published by Giri Traders, Chennai. Sridharan is married to Smt. Archana (entrepreneur and music teacher running Omkaar School of Spiritual Learning) and blessed with two sons. Sridharan and his family is currently settled in Chennai, India.
Sukha R. Ghosh
Shri. Sukha R. Ghosh (Founder) is an industry veteran and Electronics and Electrical Communications graduate from IIT, Kharagpur. With over 38+ years of experience, Shri. Sukha specializes in ASIC, Computing, Storage, Networking, IoT, High Speed Data Acquisition, Hardware and embedded innovation designs and systems. He pioneered PC industry by co-founding American Megatrends (AMI) to introduce first IBM PC compatible motherboards with revolutionary first of its kind memory caching technologies. Being a born innovator, he led and played key roles in bringing disruptive innovations in the areas of Caching RAID storage, SoC for remote PC management, Storage Network Processor SoC, Vehicle Tracking and others for improving scale and performance. Known for his humility and honesty, his associates and peers fondly address him as “Sukha da” for his expert knowledge, mentoring, guidance and support. Sukha da is married to Malini (aka Misti) and blessed with two daughters and currently settled in USA. At Aheesa™, Sukha da brings in his technology and business skills for creating new success.
Shri. Anil Raj Thulasidas(Founder) is a technology evangelist, founder of Systrome Networks and Co-founder of Techroutes Networks. He has been working with major Telecom Companies, Banking, Government, Defence and enterprises for a long time.
He has worked his way through the industry with an experience of 30+ years in the field of telecommunication and Information Technology; specializing in voice over IP, switching, routing and network security. He is well-known for his strong technical acumen and has been working with major Telecom Companies, Banking, Government, Defense and enterprises for more than three decades.
A few impressive highlights of his career are that he was involved in internet deployment in India right from first mass installation of dial-up modems then to ADSL and EPON and GPON. He was also involved in roll out of first 4G private APN network in India and successfully implemented Air traffic control by migrating from X.25 switching to IP network, and conceptualized and developed session controller for railways. He actively participated in product designing and supply in 4G small cell backhaul switching and also implemented a very large VVOB (Voice and Video On Broadband) for Telecom. He has been married for 22 years to his wife Smt. Shaheeja Nair and has been blessed with two children and currently settled in New Delhi, India.
Swaroop Adusumilli
Shri. Swaroop Adusumilli(VP - ASIC) is a passionate engineer and inventor with 33 patents, served as Director of Engineering, VP of Engineering, Technology Managing Executive and Serial entrepreneur with successful exits since 2000, and 28 years of proven leadership in ASIC Design flows, Systems Engineering including Hardware, Software, FPGA Boards and Application developments. End-to-End Product development expertise in the areas of IoT Operating Systems, IoT Devices, Cloud Computing, Networking and Car-Play in Automotive, Intra and Inter-Chip High Speed Interconnects, Smart Hubs, Smartcard Chips, various Networking Chips, Biometric Sensor products, OC48 and OC192 rate Unified Threat Management chips, Crypto engines, Wireless Baseband chips with various ARM and OAK DSP cores, Cable Modem products, Chipsets with North and South bridges for DEC Alpha, Intel's Pentium class, and x86 processors.
Proven track record of building large, motivated engineering teams and managing complex projects spread by coordinating multiple business units in US and India. Significant company contributor with broad range of management/technology skills applicable to innovating and growing a single start-up technology company or developing new entity within Corporate Technology structure. Strong collaborative leader adept in delivering a product as a team and partnering with peers across the organization. Excel in reaching out to people, working out strategies togather and developing positive relationships
Raman Desikachari
Shri. D. Raman (VP Finance) is a seasoned financial professional with 30+ years of experience in banking, financial services and general management. He is known among the industry and peers for his work ethics, integrity and unbreakable trust. With effective and innovative management techniques, Shri. Raman helped organizations to meet their financial prudence by complying with the laws and regulations of the land. During his successful career, he was Assistant General Manager in Chairman’s secretariat looking after Advances and in the past led the role of Nationalised Bank Branch Manager for several IOB branches for over 15 years. He is married to Smt. Chandra (Higher Secondary Mathematics teacher) and blessed with two children settled in USA and with four grand kids who passionately love him.
Aheesa™ Digital Innovations Private Limited (a.k.a Aheesa™) was established in March, 2021 as a turnkey solution provider.
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